Why Write?

Some answers to the title question are obvious.  Writing is therapeutic.  Many OCD sufferers probably keep a journal of their own but have never thought to share.  Why, after twenty-five years of OCD, did I decide to share?  I started attending my local community college, and in the spring of 2012, I took a required English composition course and discovered that I enjoy writing.  Then, during the summer, I took an internet literacy course which taught me how to set up a blog.  Voila!

The sharing aspect is another major reason to write.  I have already been rewarded for sharing my experiences with others.  A reader left a comment on “Not So Neat as a Pin” that contained a valuable suggestion for coping with an unpleasant situation.  The reader lines nasty shopping carts with store circulars.  Brilliant!  I try to put a large item such as a pack of paper towels on the bottom and stack smaller items on top, but I quickly run out of room.  I have used the wipes provided by the stores, but sometimes the container they are in looks disgusting itself.  I intend to look for the advertisements.  It hasn’t been that long ago that I had they very situation come up that is referenced in that comment.  I got out of my car at a store, and a lady who had just unloaded her cart offered it to me as she took out her awful, filthy cane from the basket.  I smiled, took it, pushed it into the store and parked it, and grabbed a new one.

Sharing allows us to help one another cope.  Family members and the media seem intent on finding a cure, but there isn’t a cure for everything.  Sometimes finding ways to cope and make each day a little easier is what really counts.  That is why I encourage anyone who feels the urge to share their comments.  You may help me; you may help someone else.  Everyone’s voice should be heard; everyone’s input is valuable.

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