Have you heard the term “mosquito magnet”?  I have the misfortune of being one.  In a crowd, the miniature vampires ignore everyone else and seek me out as a choice meal.  Being bitten is bad, but they also find other ways to make me miserable.

I have written on my disdain for flies and having them land on me.  Who knows what filth they were in before alighting on my skin?  I don’t have the same type of aversion to mosquitoes, but I still don’t want to be bitten.  If one lands on me while I’m outside, I can brush it away, use my alcohol hand sanitizer, and feel okay.  But if it’s in my house (where one would think I’d feel safer), I worry that it may have been resting on an object in the house that I am unable to keep sanitized.  That includes the walls.  How am I supposed to disinfect walls?  I know this is unreasonable when I think about the size of a mosquito’s legs.  Their footprints, so to speak, are practically microscopic.  Yet it bothers me.

Not long ago, a mosquito managed to gain entry to the house.  I hate seeing them because they are so elusive, and I cannot rest comfortably knowing that there is one lurking about.  I saw it only once or twice that evening, and then the tiny escape artist went into hiding.  I couldn’t be at ease in my chair because of concern that it would bite me.  I couldn’t stand in one spot without constantly shifting my legs and looking around for it.  My entire evening was disrupted by it.  Even if I suspect that there is one in hiding, I never have problems with them once I turn the fan on high and get in bed.  So, I slept peacefully, but I was up the next morning for only a few minutes when it made its first appearance.  I had to start the mosquito dance again, never staying still for a moment.  It kept coming at my head, but I couldn’t get it.  The only benefit of this was that I was moving as fast as I could to get ready for work and get out of the house, away from the little monster.  I was ahead of schedule when I went to the mirror to check my makeup.  There it was, smack-dab in the middle of my forehead!

My instinct was to wave it away, because I don’t want a smashed bug on my forehead or my hand.  It disappeared again.  I thought I was moving fast already, but then I kicked into high gear.  I considered using one wet wipe to clean off any germs from my forehead, but the more I thought about it, the more wipes I wanted to use.  I pulled eight of them out and rubbed them over my forehead.  This was another instance of a bug using up my time and money.  But I didn’t see it again before I left the house.

This is mosquito season, so that was not the last one I saw.  Earlier this week, I once again had a winged visitor while in my room.  It was another restless evening for me, doing the shuffle to avoid the mosquito.  It was a similar pattern, in that I saw it only briefly a couple of times, but it was enough to leave me unsettled.  I saw it shortly before I headed for the shower, and I wished that I could have squashed it so that it wouldn’t have the chance to ruin my cleanliness after getting out.  After the shower, it seemed like a good idea to wave my arms around on my way back to the bedroom to prevent it from landing on me.  I reached the doorway, and bam!  My hand smacked into the wall.  The mosquito hadn’t landed on me, but I got something worse.  With my clean hand now contaminated, I had to march back to the bathroom and do a super-wash of my hands and arms.  There went more time and money down the drain.

I usually don’t like cold weather, but winter sounds appealing right now!

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I am a female in my early 40's who has been dealing with OCD since age 10 and a fear of germs since 14.
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