Flying Cheese

As germophobes, we experience more daily hassles than most people, and consequently, more stress.  How do we keep going?  What keeps us afloat?  Having good, supportive relationships is a huge help, but we can’t have someone by our side around the clock.  We have to find perks to get through the day.  For me, once or twice a week, I buy a cheese stick as a treat.  Indeed, something as small as a piece of cheese gives me something to look forward to and helps me stay grounded.  In fact, if I don’t get my cheese I get cranky.

What’s so special about this cheese?  It’s pepper jack!  I don’t get excited about plain cheese, but with the added kick of chili peppers, the endorphins work their magic to provide a surge of pleasure.  That’s my little pick-me-up during my lunch break at work.  But what do you when your pick-me-up ends up on the floor?  Let me relate.

I was doing a little shopping during my lunch hour, and when I got back to the car, I realized I had been in the store longer than I should have, and I was going to have to rush back to work.  I peeled apart the plastic wrapper on the cheese stick to expose just enough to take a bite.  As I was approaching a stop light on the road, I took another bite.  And then it happened.  The two pieces of plastic that are sealed together around the cheese keep the shape of the cheese when they are removed.  That meant that there was a neat little pocket in the plastic that was just the right size to get caught on my pinky finger.  But it didn’t get stuck on my finger; it twirled around on my pinky finger and flung itself onto the floor of my car.  My perk for the day was on the floor!  I was not happy.  But as we germophobes do, I started thinking of a way to remedy the situation.

I was still waiting at the red traffic light, and I knew that when I arrived at the office, I would have to get out of the car immediately in order to be punctual.  I eyed the plastic sandwich baggies that I keep handy in the car.  I grabbed one, turned it inside out and stretched over to pick up the cheese.  I could barely reach, but I got it.  Next came the examination.  Could it be salvaged?  None of the cheese was exposed.  Affirmative.  I turned the bag right-side out to envelop the cheese in its protective enclosure.  But one baggie is never enough.  I secured it inside another baggie turned in the opposite direction.  And I managed to do all of this before the light turned green!

Back at the office, I took the double-bagged cheese stick out of my purse and placed it on the dirty area of my desk.  I put on a pair of gloves and removed the cheese from the baggies.  I took special care to keep any dirty surface from touching the cheese as I peeled back the wrapper once more.  Then I ate my three remaining bites of pepper jack.  Happy ending!



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I am a female in my early 40's who has been dealing with OCD since age 10 and a fear of germs since 14.
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