The Worst Thing Imaginable – Again

One of my first accounts related in this blog goes by the first part of the above title.  I had hoped I would never have to relate a similar story, but alas, I must.

I walked into the office at 8:00 a.m. to find that my cubicle had been violated.  Sometimes the janitor will move the chair to vacuum or dust the tops of the cabinets, and that bothers me, but I can handle the cleanup in a reasonable amount of time.  This was much worse.  As in the earlier account, the first thing I noticed that was out of place was the phone.  Technically speaking, the phone wasn’t moved, but I keep a hole punch next to it, and the metal bar protruding from the side of the hole punch covers the phone cord to keep it in place.  The hole punch had been moved several inches.  I was dismayed.  Although the cord did not appear to be out of place, if the hole punch had been touched, I had to assume that the phone had been.  This meant picking up the handset with a plastic baggie and spraying every surface of the phone, including the cord.  Not only is it time-consuming and tricky, I had only one baggie with me, so after the first spray-down, I had to use napkins, which are not as easy to handle.

The janitor’s other offenses?  The same trinket he had contaminated before was moved again.  I left it on my desk in a dirty spot behind my phone, and it had been turned.  In case there was any doubt that the phone had been contaminated, that sealed it, because he had to reach over the phone to touch the trinket.  But the most bizarre part was that he stood on my chair!  There were two large shoe prints on my chair.  Why did he stand on my rolling office chair?  The only explanation seems to be to dust the cabinets, but on second thought, they can be reached easily standing on the floor, so that is not likely the reason.  I have seen the janitor use a ladder to change light bulbs, so I know there’s a ladder in the office.  There seems to be no plausible explanation.  There is nothing up that high that he would need to reach.  Was he rolling around in the chair for fun?  Sounds dangerous.  And there’s always the chance it wasn’t the janitor.  Last time I thought perhaps it was an I.T. guy, mainly because the telephone and pen had clearly been used.  But why would the I.T. guy stand on the chair?  Why would anyone need to stand on my chair?

Cleanup took the entire morning.  It was exhausting, and when I was done, my trash can was full to the brim with the napkins I had used for cleaning.  If I decided to keep track of my OCD expenses this month, I would have had to add five dollars for just one morning’s cleanup.  And the cleaning didn’t even include my keyboard and the back of my chair, as I keep them covered.  I never thought I would need to keep the seat of my chair covered.  Maybe that would be a deterrent to those who want to perform daredevil chair stunts in my cubicle.

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I am a female in my early 40's who has been dealing with OCD since age 10 and a fear of germs since 14.
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  1. Odin says:

    I think keeping track of your expenses is a great idea – I was doing it for a while last year, and it was pretty shocking. It forced me to find ways to reduce them, and thus reduce slightly the price of having OCD. It could be pretty enlightening for your readers too

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