Lesson Learned

I have a confession.  I did something I said I wouldn’t do.  Some time ago I wrote a post entitled “I Won’t Go There Again,” but I did go there again.  Did I learn my lesson?

When I decided to boycott the store, I had witnessed a man standing in the checkout line eating food he was about to purchase and then lustily licking his fingers.  That was enough to keep me away for several months.  But every once in a while I would think about the products that I couldn’t find at other stores, and I would consider going back.  I would remind myself quickly of the hippie clientele that frequents the establishment, and that would quash the thought.  If only the store did not have such a good product line!  One day it got me.  I thought I could run in and buy two or three items and be out in a flash.  The store is popular, though, and the lines were long.  And that gave me plenty of time to look over all of the people ahead of me.  It didn’t take long to realize that I had made a mistake.  There was a dirty-looking person ahead of me in one line, and in the other, there was a college kid holding a skateboard.  He had just had his nasty feet on that skateboard, and now he was going to contaminate everything with it.  It was too much.  I left the line, went to a shelf and deposited the items I wanted so much, and got out of there.

There is another health food store in a different town close by.  The store is smaller than the one I’ve boycotted, but it still has a good selection of products, and, more important, it’s cleaner.  This store is not in a college town with a large hippie population.  I probably feel more comfortable in that store than I do in any other.  But when I pulled up in front of it a few days ago, I noticed something that was quite disconcerting.  As I turned off my car, I saw a man walking in, a very dirty man.  I’m not going to say he was dirty-looking; he was unquestionably dirty.  His pants were filthy, as was every other part of his attire.  I felt instant repulsion, but after a moment, the realization set in that he was going to go in there and contaminate my store.  The worst part was going to be if he got in line ahead of me and contaminated all of my groceries.  I knew I had to hurry to try to avert this.

I jumped out of the car and ran in.  I had only a few things on my list, so I felt I had a chance at beating him to the line.  My problem is that I am easily distracted.  I was doing well at first, but then I got caught up in a brand dilemma.  Which brand is better?  So, I started looking at labels.  I came to my senses after a minute and got moving.  Then I saw the bum.  He looked like he was heading for the checkout.  I could take my time now; I had lost the race.  I meandered to another part of the store and browsed a bit, then I had a ray of hope.  I saw the bum again.  He wasn’t through with his shopping; he was talking with a store employee!  I stopped browsing and zoomed to the checkout stand.  Ah, relief!  I made it.  And when I went out to my car, I was even happier that I had made the effort to get out of there quickly.  I now saw the bum’s car.  There was muck all over it and a dog in the back seat!  I hope he isn’t planning to go there regularly.   I’m running out of options.



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I am a female in my early 40's who has been dealing with OCD since age 10 and a fear of germs since 14.
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