Categories – Part 1

My world is one of categories.  Everything I touch must be classified.  Even things that are intangible need to be classified.  There are five basic categories – Super-dirty, Dirty, Common, Clean, and Super-clean.

I am not certain if breath is truly intangible – you can’t see it, but it can definitely be felt.  Consider the breeze that a person generates when they walk past you; that can be felt and smelled.  I know that I can’t avoid these things, but I still hold my breath whenever someone walks past me.  I might have to feel the breeze wash over my entire body, but at least I don’t have to breathe in their germs.

I think most germophobes would agree that the Super-dirty class is easy to identify – garbage, toilet.  I am not sure how many of us put the floor in this category, but the floor must be included.  Every form of filth touches the floor at some time or another.  I have mentioned this before, but it bears repeating.  A person may be meticulously clean in their own home, but anyone who goes to the grocery store or any public place is dragging back the nastiness of society on their shoes.  The Japanese have a great idea when they leave their shoes at the door, but even clean people create their own germ fest.  It is the plague of being human.  In the process of trying to be sanitary, there will be events that contaminate the floor.  There will always be something offensive (say, spoiled food) that will drip on the floor or drop to the floor.  And if a person has visitors, the visitors bring in who knows what on their shoes or feet.  It is simply a losing battle, so the floor must be classified as Super-dirty.

I am not sure how many germophobes place the outside of their cars in the Super-dirty category, but mine is.  I used to have cats – outdoor cats – and animals of any sort cannot possibly be clean.  The cats, as much as I did love them, used to practically live on top of my car when I was home.  They got their feline filth all over my car.  No, washing did not help.  Dipping a rag in soapy water and rinsing does nothing to sanitize a car; if anything it spreads the germs around.  That is why I cannot touch the outside of my car.  I have a dream one day that I will buy a new car and take it through a “touchless” carwash only.  Then, perhaps, I may be able to touch the door handle as a normal person does.  Someday.

The Dirty category is made up of items that most people would call dirty – dirty dishes in the sink – hmmm, I am having trouble coming up with another example.  One would think that dirty laundry would fall into this class, but because it all eventually ends up on the floor to be sorted, dirty laundry is in reality Super-dirty.

More to come ………..


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I am a female in my early 40's who has been dealing with OCD since age 10 and a fear of germs since 14.
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