A Nice Relaxing Break

That is my dream title.  I would love to have a break from a lot of things, but I’m talking about my standard fifteen minute break at work.  They give me two, morning and afternoon.  I like to go out to my car and read for a bit and warm up – the office is always cold.  It should be a fairly uneventful occurrence, right?

I wish!  I love it when things are uneventful.  Alas, my car is parked in a very busy lot with many comers and goers.  Loud music and obscenities are par for the course.  I’ll admit that it doesn’t take much to annoy me, but I am so uncomfortable if there is someone sitting in the car next to me.  I can’t decide if that is the worst or when I am lucky enough to be next to the hot spot in the lot, the one where there is a car leaving or pulling in every four or five minutes.  I won’t even start on the maintenance people and their leaf blowers.

So a peaceful break is a rare treasure.  But I can’t always blame others for ruining my breaks.  Sometimes I sabotage myself.  Yesterday my morning break wasn’t so bad; it wasn’t bad at all until I got out of my car, locked it, and started to walk back in to the office.  It took about two seconds to realize that I locked my remote inside the car.  Ugh!  I had my key in my hand, so why didn’t I use the key to unlock it and retrieve the remote?  Enter OCD.

I could not get back in the car because I cannot touch the outside of my car without gloves or a glove substitute.  Most of the time I use a folded tissue to touch the handle and open the door.  A tissue is easy to hide in my hand and I can use it discreetly.  If it is raining, then I have to rely on my old standby, the plastic sandwich bag, so that the water can’t soak through.  But I had neither upon leaving my car.  Even if I had had a way to get back in, it wouldn’t have prevented the hassle I had to go through.  That is what destroyed my second break.

I went back out in the afternoon and unlocked my car, used a tissue to open the door, sat down, and closed the door.  Then I got busy.  I was holding my newly contaminated car key in one hand and a pack of wet wipes in the other.  Yes, my key was now dirty from the lock.  I took out a wipe and folded it in half with my right hand.  This is the sort of skill unique to a germophobe.  Who else needs to do that one-handed?  I doubt few people fold them with two hands, but I like the make the most of each towelette.  So up and down the metal grooves of the key went the wipes.  I used four wipes, folded, for a total of eight passes.  Of course, it had to be topped off with a good spray down with rubbing alcohol, a bottle of which is always nearby.  I had three minutes of my break left, and a mess of used towelettes on the floor of my car.  How many breaks have I spent repeatedly spraying down a finger, hand, arm, steering wheel, or who knows what?  Some break!

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I am a female in my early 40's who has been dealing with OCD since age 10 and a fear of germs since 14.
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