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Yet another thing I despise at work – the get well card.  I am not singling out the get well card; it can be a card for any occasion.  It just happened to be, most recently, a get well card.  It’s not that I don’t care that someone is sick; the problem is the manner in which the card arrives at my desk.  The office practice is to send the card around in a folder with an attached list so that they can track who has signed and where to send it next.  It is also office practice to place it in a person’s chair if said person is not at his or her desk.  This is not something of which I approve, but no one seems to care.  Strange!  I think that everyone should know that a spot intended for one’s posterior is not a place for paperwork or any other object.

Although I hate walking up and finding the card folder in my chair, it’s better than finding it on my desk or worse yet, being at my desk and having a co-worker hand it to me personally.  If it’s on my desk I have to clean the spot it was on thoroughly.  Other times it has been placed on top of an open file or other paperwork, and then I have the chore of either tossing and replacing the papers or painstakingly trying to avoid touching the same areas the folder touched.  That usually means moving things around by grabbing corners.  If the folder is handed to me, I do my best to take it using the fewest number of fingers possible and the smallest surface area of the fingers – ideally not past the first joint.  If I can manage to do it properly, cleaning my fingers is a fairly quick task.  I can get out my package of wet wipes – the tricky part is taking them out of the package with only one hand – and wipe my fingertips until they are sufficiently clean.  Eight times is typical.

Once the card is on my desk, what do I do with it?  I put it on the shelf designated for dirty items.  That is when I either clean my desk or my fingers or whatever else needs attention.  I can’t touch the folder with my bare hands, and I don’t want a person to walk up and find me with gloves on while signing a card.  The first thing I will do is check the list to see who to send it to next.  I always hope it’s the person next to me, but it’s not every time.  One time there was no one even remotely close to my desk who had not signed the card, so I waited until the coast was clear and sped into the break room carrying it with a plastic sandwich bag and tossed it on a table and made a run for it.  Thank goodness the break room is only a few feet from my desk.  I have used two plastic bags as pseudo-gloves to sign the card and transport it to the next desk with the same toss and run method.  (I challenge anyone to try holding a pen in a little sandwich bag and writing neatly.  It’s not so easy!)

Have I mentioned that nothing is simple with OCD?





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I am a female in my early 40's who has been dealing with OCD since age 10 and a fear of germs since 14.
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