The Worst Thing Imaginable

I walked into the office today to the worst scenario I can imagine – someone had used my telephone.  How did I know?  The cord had been moved.  I fold the cord a certain way just for this purpose.  It was moved, so someone tampered with it.  To add insult to injury, the culprit had taken my pen from its holder and put it down on a part of my desk that I don’t even attempt to keep clean.  It’s the “dirty” area of my desk, and I would never put my pen there.  Not only did someone have the audacity to use my phone, he used my pen to take down a note, and he also moved around a couple of other personal items for no apparent reason.  One of those trinkets was an arm’s length away from the phone.

I was livid.  There was no excuse for this.  Everyone in the office has their own phone.  Was it the janitor?  It happened after I left at 5:00pm and before I came in at 8:00am.  A few people come in early at 7:30, but no one stays after 5:00.  There doesn’t seem to be anyone but the janitor to blame, and yet he seems unlikely.

I frequently have to clean up after intruders in my cubicle, but having to clean the phone is by far the worst because it is the most difficult.  I had to grab the handset with a sandwich bag (my makeshift glove) and spray the entire phone base, handset, and cord with rubbing alcohol.  And I had to do this eight times.  I dried the parts as best I could with napkins in between spray downs.  What became of the pen?  The garbage was its fate.  I had to spray the pen cup several times.  One contaminated trinket I sprayed down, and the other I left for dirty.  I have to do what’s necessary to survive and sometimes there are casualties.

On top of all this, instead of the usual once over with alcohol on my desk every morning, I had to go over the entire surface seven times because who knows what else the intruder touched.  He was obviously not bashful about making himself at home in my space.

I didn’t want to make a huge issue of this because I try to keep my OCD as low key as possible.  If it happens again, though, I will be compelled to go to my supervisor to inquire regarding the incident.  I plan to leave a nice little note posted on my phone, too.

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I am a female in my early 40's who has been dealing with OCD since age 10 and a fear of germs since 14.
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