First Thing in the Morning

Some days just start out wrong.  Today I get up, go into the bathroom, and turn on the water.  Boom!  There it is.  It has started.  A drop of water has splashed up from the sink basin onto my finger.  At least I think it did.

What’s so bad about the bathroom sink, anyway?  Well, as far as I can see, there is no satisfactory way to sterilize a sink.  Even if I could come close, the next time I used it, it would be all for naught, so what is the point.  I scrub it out a couple of times a week, but cleaning is not the same as sterilizing.  I just have to do my best not to splash or accidentally touch any part of the sink.  Did I mention that I turned on the faucet using a plastic sandwich bag?

I start examining my finger from all angles focusing on the spot where I think I felt it hit.  I don’t see anything, but I haven’t put in my contact lenses yet.  Maybe it was my imagination; it has been before.  Sometimes the power of suggestion is very strong.  I keep looking, and I am almost satisfied that it is simply my OCD fear working with the sound of the water turning on – and then I see it.  It’s on the side of my finger, and it’s a large drop.  It’s unmistakable.

Here we go!  How am I going to handle this?  Do I bring in my liquid soap pump and pour alcohol and soap alternately on my left hand five or six times using my right hand?  I have used this method effectively many times in the past.  But in the last year or so I have discovered that, in certain situations, I can get by using moist towellettes.  This is quicker and easier (sort of) and a little less expensive, I believe.

Part of the decision lies in whether the towellettes are in an easily accessible place.  I go back into my room and grab the wipes.  Thankfully there are just enough left in the package to do the job.  I wipe my finger eight times with the towellettes, then I do my regular washing.  My usual, “normal” washing consists of taking a bar of soap, pouring rubbing alcohol over it, lathering up, pouring alcohol on the bar a second time, then lathering and rinsing five, six, maybe seven times – whatever makes me feel comfortable and satisfied that my hands are clean.

I’m glad that this incident happened on a Saturday.  If it had been a weekday, it really would have put me behind trying to get ready for work.  I’ve had that sort of thing happen too many times to count.

The day isn’t over, of course.  When I go into the kitchen to get something to eat, I am naturally wearing thin, polyethylene gloves.  I prepare some food to heat up in my toaster oven (a nice and efficient method for the summertime), and get ready to take off my gloves.  I always examine them first.  These thin gloves tear very easily, and sure enough, there is a hole.  Great!  So much for saving money.  The main reason I use the polyethylene gloves is that they are a fraction of the cost of vinyl or latex ones.

So back I go to my room after removing the gloves and throwing them in the garbage.  Out come the towellettes again.  I twist them around and around my finger eight times where the glove ripped.  Then I spray the finger with rubbing alcohol and wipe it with a tissue.  This is largely to remove the residue from the towelletes, which I am pretty sure is toxic.

This is only one incident in the morning and one from the afternoon.  Tonight I get to clean my shower.  That will have to be a story in itself.


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I am a female in my early 40's who has been dealing with OCD since age 10 and a fear of germs since 14.
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  1. Odin says:

    Sinks are a nightmare, I totally agree, there is no satisfactory way to sterilize them. If only water didn’t splash… I’ve lost many hours of my life to splashed fingers.

    As for polyethylene gloves – not worth it, at all. They’re cheaper alright, but just far too dangerous to use. The extra money for vinyl is essential as far as I’m concerned. I do keep polyethylene ones around as back-up, but I always wear two on each hand if I have to use them; maybe you should adopt that strategy too.

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